Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The Queens of the Heart, part one - The Queen of the Deep

These are drawings of four background characters in Atash's universe, very much works in progress at this point... the four rival goddesses who seek to control the human heart and mind... The idea is that they each rule one domain in the realm of the gods, and each represents a distinctive way of relating to love, sex and the emotions.

So let's start with The Queen of the Deep, the goddess of sexual codependency, obsessive love, desperation and delusion... I think we've all been there right? She rules a subsea kingdom (queendom? seriously does anyone know of a good name for a matriarchal principality?!) populated by gods and spirits who all get off on various aspects of dependency and obsession... They are not all necessarily merfolk - though a lot of them probably are - but I imagine they are each going to look like composites of humans and various sea-dwelling beings.


Nathan said...

Yeah! You posted them! Great to read about these characters.

Sina said...

Thanks for encouraging me to post them, it's fun rambling on about my ideas ;o)