Monday, 29 June 2009

Picture for David - work in progress

This is a picture I drew today of David, my friend and the man behind The Melting Ice Caps... it's going to end up as part of the cover for his forthcoming single.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Drawing for Moon Trent

A drawing for - and of - my friend the singer Moon Trent. It'spretty close to being finished I think.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The Wolf King ~ latest version

It's not really all that different in terms of the design, but with the horns and the more dynamic pose I'm happier with this new image of the Wolf King...

The Wolf King ~ first sketch

Here is my first try at the Wolf King, who is going to be the head honcho of my race of Gods in the ATASH comics, and Atash's daddy, er, I mean, father. I did this a while ago and wasn't too happy with it but I masochistically thought I'd share it with y'all anyway...

Friday, 5 June 2009

"Meeting Yoko Ono"

This is a two-page comic strip I've been working on for Delaine Derry Green's anthology "Not My Small Diary". The theme of the next issue (no. 15) is brushes with fame so I thought I'd tell the story of how I met Yoko Ono in April 2003. So here are some pics of the two very rough pencilled pages (don't worry if some of the words don't make sense - they will in the final version) as well as a partially inked first page. I've actually finished it now but I don't want to post the finished strip online at least not yet because I think it will be more special for people to see the final comic "in print"... is that way old-fashioned of me?!
Anyway I am pretty happy with how the strip's turned out and also with the way I drew myself in the strip as I was getting tired of my usual round-headed comics self-caricature and wanted to try something new.