Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Pie & Mash Poster - finished!

And here is the finished poster...

Monday, 30 March 2009

Slutty Gindie-Boy Minotaur

I'm working on a poster for the gay indie club Pie&Mash, that I DJ'd at on Friday. As Pie&Mash usually feature a cow on their posters and I'm into mythical beasts, I decided to do a slutty, gindie-boy minotaur.
As you can see from the original rough pencil drawing on the right, he was going to be holding copies of two classic indie-pop records, "The Queen is Dead" by the Smiths and Blondie's "Parallel Lines" - but then I got worried about the legalities of using album artwork in the image, so I decided to have him holding a copy of Baudrillard's "Simulacra and Simulacrum". That kind of goes better with Pie&Mash's theme next month - cover versions and originals - and this minotaur can be (pseudo)intellectual, (g)indie and slutty all at the same time... why not? ;o)
Oh - and I just want to add that the term "gindie" (meaning "gay indie" - obviously) was coined by my good friend David Shah, former lead singer of gindie music band Luxembourg and currently the man behind The Melting Ice Caps - and you should check out their music on www.themeltingicecaps.co.uk

RD Mauzy's 7" "Oppols Ond Bononos" is OUT NOW!

Been meaning to post about this for a couple of weeks - RD Mauzy's 7" "Oppols Ond Bononos" is out now, featuring artwork by the awesome and talented Jon Macy, Brian Andersen and Justin Hall, as well as yours truly! Can you tell how much I love it?!
My image for the back cover - a drawing of a teenage gay indie-boy eating a banana suggestively, was actually based on an art project I did at 16 which included photos of me doing the same, and the surrounding, sexually charged yearning scribblings from his diary, are lifted almost verbatim from my own teenage diaries. That was actually kind of painful to do but seemed to match the vibe RD wanted for the 7" so well.
I also did artwork for one of 4 interior illustrations. Mine was for the song "Apologetic Bananas", and was inspired by a line from the song, "I was grounded in the sand, I was blinded by the rain, I was shaken in the air, I was captured by the flame." And you know how I feel about the four Classical elements ;o)

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Death Angel

This was originally meant to be the Babylonian death-goddess Ereshkigal, when I was using a combination of Babylonian, Biblical and made-up names for the divine characters in Atash... I really love the story of Ishtar's descent into the Underworld to visit her sister Ereshkigal, who then murders her and is convinced to ressurect her as long as she sends someone down in her place... and I was planning to make that a part of my mythos. I probably won't now (though I may do something similar) but I would like to do a comics version of the original myth, some day, as well. Anyhoo, I really like this design and I think it works well as an embodiment or personification of Death. I'm not really sure where Death fits in with the gods of my mythos as it stands now... I'm thinking maybe keeping the realm of Death pretty mysterious and even beyond most of the gods... at any rate this Death Angel is probably the one that welcomes you when you get there... maybe she also has a male form and she switches between male and female depending on whichever is the most appealing to the spirit she's taking into the great beyond... well, if she feels like being nice to them that is.